I LIVE digital.

Regardless of the challenge that stands in front of me, I will always face it head on. For over 10 years of working within the digital space, I have touched every facet of this industry, and have developed an exceptional understanding on how technology comes together to solve problems. The one consistent pattern is that success is achieved by strategic people, who come together as one to find smart solutions. And I simply have to be part of that.

After almost 6 years at HZ, I have invented and reinvented my role within the agency, developing effective strategies and complete departments. Currently, as the Director of Project Management, my primary responsibility is to uncover the specific needs and objectives our clients have, and identify and develop distinct plans that propel their business forward. Additionally,  I’m responsible for leading digital strategies, new business initiatives, user experience, creative, development, SEO, and social media. 

It is all about people. I develop fearless teams that deliver impeccable work while keeping solid and ethical professional relationships with them. With a “door is always open” policy, I encourage two-way communication between me and my team. I obsess with the concept of efficiency, leveraging the best parts of agile and waterfall methodologies to ensure the success of any engagement. But most of all, I will go above and beyond to surround myself with out-of-the-box, collaborative thinkers, who—I’ve found—continue to push my individual and professional growth.

amazing brands

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with amazing teams and clients that continued to fuel my determination and passion about this industry. I would never take full credit for any of the projects I've lead or was part of. The clients listed below summarize my portfolio.

Yup, I also have a resume.